Chek Card Protection

South Ottumwa Savings Bank Chek Cards are protected by “eNFACT” – a risk management program used to monitor and detect potential debit card fraud. Protecting our customers from fraud is a top priority of South Ottumwa Savings Bank.

eNFACT enables South Ottumwa Savings Bank to identify uncharacteristic debit account activity. Following each debit card transaction, eNFACT assesses the probability that the transaction is fraudulent. If this probability exceeds a certain threshold, you will be contacted and asked to verify the transaction in question, either by an employee of South Ottumwa Savings Bank or a fraud specialist from eNFACT calling on our behalf.

The caller will NEVER ask for your debit card or PIN number. You should never provide this information over the phone.

This system requires us to be able to contact you when suspicious activity is suspected. If you are planning to travel, or make a large purchase that may be uncharacteristic of you usual account activity, please notify South Ottumwa Savings Bank in advance. It is essential that South Ottumwa Savings Bank have current contact information. Having your information current will avoid delays and help us protect your account.

To update your information please visit or call any of our locations, the following is information we need to keep current.

  • Primary phone number
  • Secondary phone number
  • Address, City, State, Zip code

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Deposit Service Department at South Ottumwa Savings Bank at 641-682-7541.